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The Royal Canadian Legion in the Western Zone of the USA including Mexico

Highland Games Costa Mesa 5/28-29

We are excited to learn that the Scottish Fest Highland Games are scheduled to be held in Costa Mesa this May on the 28th and 29th. The Royal Canadian Legion is planning to have a booth again, as we have done in years past. Please stop by and say hello to the nice Legion members and maybe even join this great organization.

Details for the Scottish Fest can be found at

Red Ensign Received

You may be interested in a story.

My wife Donna and I were on a small three week long group tour of Sicily with about 10 other people in early October of this year.  One of the places we all visited was the Army War Museum in Catania.  Among the many display cases in the museum was one showing artifacts and uniforms of the Canadian forces that came ashore at their sector of the beach in 1943 with a current Canadian flag prominently visible in the case.

It seemed anachronistic to me that a flag that was adopted by Canada in 1965 would be displayed with other artifacts that were contemporary to 1943 when the Red Ensign was the flag that the troops marched under.  I contacted the museum authorities and asked if they would display a Red Ensign if I could provide them with one.  After a few email exchanges with the museum I received an email from a Canadian who was responsible for the display and explained to me why the current Canadian flag was in the display case then said he would also display a Red Ensign if I could find a used one for him.  He wanted a used one so it would look appropriate with the other used items in the display.

He explained that the reason for the present Canadian flag is because people today do not recognize the unique Canadian contribution to the war effort since we are usually swept up with the Americans or the British and the Red Ensign looks rather British.  The current flag is distinctly recognized as Canadian and clearly distinguishes the Canadians from any other country.

When my wife and I returned from our vacation I sent emails requesting a donation of a used Red Ensign out to each of the Branches in the US Western Zone, the Ontario Command headquarters and to The Legion Magazine.  Within a few weeks I had received a flag in the mail that was sent from Dominion Command in Ottawa.  Somehow my email to the Ontario Command was forwarded to someone at Dominion Command who took down the Red Ensign that was flying and mailed it off to me.

I have now mailed this flag to the responsible Canadian who will be leaving for Catania in February 2022.  He promised he would install this flag in the display case along with the current Canadian flag.

If you should ever visit the Catania museum please look for the Canadian display and smile knowingly about the used Red Ensign in there.


Used Canadian Red Ensign needed

I would like to obtain an old Red Ensign flag. It should be about 3′ by 6′ and is needed for a display at the Catania, Sicily Military Museum. If anyone is willing to donate such a flag then please contact Thanks in advance.

Memorial Book Project

With the total participation and support of The Royal Canadian Legion and the Holy Trinity Episcopal Church in Covina, CA, we have completed phase one of our Remembrance project with the installation and the dedication on Sunday 7 November 2021 of our new large bronze “Lest We Forget” Plaque.

Phase two is already underway as we now compile the names for a specially bound, Remembrance and Donor Book.

Section One of the book will list the name of the family Member/Relation and or a personally known Friend that made the Ultimate Sacrifice in All Wars and Conflicts. Please provide the Name, the Service Unit and the War or the Conflict. (No costs or charges apply for these listings). Although contributions will be gratefully accepted.

Section Two will list the names of our family Members/Relations and personal friends that served in the Military Forces of our various Allied Nations and have passed away. “We Will Remember Them” Please provide the name and the Service Unit. (No costs or charges apply for these listings). Although contributions will be gratefully accepted.

The Third Section will list all Donors and Contributors. If you would like to make a donation/contribution and be listed please make your check payable to Holy Trinity Church, and note on the memo line, “Remembrance Plaque/Book”. Send your check. c/o Robert B. Edmonds, MBE. 3637 N. Danehurst Avenue, Covina, CA 91724-3406 If a cash contribution is best for you then please process through your RCL Branch/The Western Zone and we will forward onto the Church.

Plaque Dedication

A Memorial Plaque to honor and remember all who have served has been placed near the entrance of the Covina Episcopal Church. This plaque was dedicated during the evening service on Sunday November the 7th.

A ceramic Remembrance Day Poppy was placed on the alter at the beginning of the service. This poppy is one of the 888,246 poppies that were displayed at the Tower of London as part of the 2014 Remembrance Day Observance of the 100th anniversary of the beginning of WW I.

Canada Day Service

A Commemoration Day 2021 Virtual Service was presented by the Royal Canadian Legion, US Branch 25 (San Francisco Bay Area).The recording for this service is available at:…/royal-canadian…/

In addition, this entry contains links to the various individuals, groups, and events that made up today’s service.

Memorial Day Virtual Service

Royal Canadian Legion, Branch 25 (representing the San Francisco Bay area) is partnering with the Royal Canadian Legion, International Western US Zone to stream a Memorial Day virtual service on Monday, 31 May at 11am (Pacific).  If you wish to participate and watch the virtual service, please register at:

2021 Scotts Fest Cancelled

The Scottish Festival and Highland games that are typically held on Memorial Day each year has been cancelled for 2021.

Our Royal Canadian Legion has had a booth at this event every year where we have acquired new members. Hopefully we can have our booth at the 2022 Games.

Virtual Remembrance Day Service

Join US Branch #25, along with their comrades from other branches in the International Western USA Zone as they present a socially distanced, virtual Remembrance Day Service from Liberty Cemetery in Petaluma, Greenlawn Cemetery in Colma, and Inglewood Park Cemetery in Inglewood Park.

if you were unable to attend or if you wish to share today’s event with others, you can find a recording of the service at

The Poppy

Dominion Command engaged in a rather unique 1st Poppy presentation with the Governor General.  You can read about it, as well as watch it, in the following news release: