Royal Canadian Legion Western Zone, USA & Mexico

The Royal Canadian Legion in the Western Zone of the USA including Mexico

About Us

The Royal Canadian Legion’s  mission is to serve veterans, which includes serving military and RCMP members and their families, to promote Remembrance and to serve our communities and our countries.

We are active in the Western USA, particularly in California.  Membership was originally restricted to those who had served in Canada’s Armed Forces and Merchant Navy. The Royal Canadian Legion is proud of its military heritage and still maintains close ties with the Armed Forces today; however, over the years, categories of membership have evolved to include other members of the community.  

To find out how you can join  please contact an officer at one of the Branches listed under the pull-down menu near the upper left corner of the home page.

                                     ZONE OFFICERS   to email substitute @ for (at) in addresses below

Zone Commander:   Ron Davidson         2010camss1(at)

First Vice Commander:       Michael Barbour     mkbarbour(at)

Second Vice Commander:    Sandy Nichol    funnyfacenichol(at)

Treasurer:                Robert Edmonds, MBE     edmonds.r.mbe(at)              626-339-3644

Service Officer:        Douglas Lock                doug.lock(at)          310-374-4290

Secretary:                   Douglas Lock                  doug.lock(at)        310-374-4290

Sgt at Arms:                Brian Prewitt                    thatguybp(at)

Chaplain:                    Tom Bathurst                  tom.bathurst(at) 

Membership:           Sylvia Fee                          sylviawfee(at)                          760-967-7259



4 responses to “About Us

  1. Bill Patterson Sgt.@ Arms November 27, 2012 at 9:01 am

    I have been trying to contact Colin Stead, the operator says the number is not correct?
    My number here is 011-52-376-5765 or SKYPE William.Patterson27

  2. John G Bishop December 3, 2014 at 5:19 pm

    My 94 year old father, who flew in the RCAF during WWII and lives in West Covina, is very interested in getting more information about your organization. His name is L. George Bishop

  3. Larry Woolley Sports Officer January 15, 2017 at 11:14 am

    Hey if you guys are lost for stuff to do, come on down for a week end in February 14, as we will be having our annual Chili cook out. Besides you can meet the legion members who winter and stay year round in this wonderfully cheap on the dollar area of Mexico. Airfare is reasonable from California now with the US dollar being so good.

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